Casual Chic

So today i am preparing for my styling challenges and saving some outfits to always be prepared for the inevitable. I was so excited when my friend Sessie16 gave me some words of encouragement. I begin to think alot about my modeling career more indepth like what do I really want from this. I know i want to have fun. So thats what I am going to do- have fun and enjoy modeling in Second Life. Just as in RL we have to be confident with our style and look and overall have charisma. Smiles. I know one thing for sure I am very ambitious and what ever i do, (RL or SL) i love to be successful at it. I know we all have different levels of competitiveness some live on the adrenaline of being anxious and excited. L O L. Today’s style comes from Xanadu its, Casual, Chic, fun, but its ..Me! I mixed a fur Bolero from the Stefani outfit from Aleida and boots from Elekaitra, nails and earrings from Mandala. I love this look- Enjoy!!

Xanadu Outfit with Fur Collar from Aleida Boots from Elekaitra Jewelry/Nails Mandala


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