[VOID] A store, A family, and now the retirement of False Imako ( creator of VOID)

With all the New Years Resolutions and holiday glee – beneath it all was the announcement that False Imako (Creator of [Void] Skin Store) was leaving Second Life. I was hired along with others a model in the Void skin store not too long ago. The Void experience was wonderful when i joined the group a year ago. It was a group of skin lovers. What made False’s store so different was that u felt at home. Not only were the skins in shades very hard to find in Second Life, they were done with quality, time ,and effort. False created skins in Grey, Ivory, Asphalt, Pale, Natural, Caramel with colorful arrays of designs unimaginable. As a model in SL i loved the store because if i am styling for a photo shoot or just for fun, I could count on VOID to have the skin to tie the whole outfit together. From Vamp to Fantasy, False Imako’s skin represented a whole new vibration in SL. After reading her note card over and over about her decision to leave i understand her plight. Real life is undoubtably wayyyy more important and i know creating for SL is time consuming. But i wanted to leave her with something from my heart and the heart of staff and customers. She was one of the most kinder designers in SL. Her generousity goes without mention, I am speechless. Whether you are new SL resident or a ongoing Skin addict like myself, somehow you have benefit from False Imako’s kindness. Well to my fellow group members, I would like to represent all of you by saying False we Love you! BTW the store is having a major retirement sale!!!



DASH-grey one of my fave


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