Photo Shoot For Pipins

Pipins is a magical store. The dresses/Costumes/Haute Couture/Avante Garde Fashions are AMAZING!! to say the least.. Last week I was able to pick up a few of my favorites .  Here is the photoshoot that my friend Dana Yotov shot of me , So creative…The mood in the pictures speak for itself.. it is one of deep thought not melancholy, just thoughts of new ways and directions- very symbolic this outfit is like I am a Chess Piece…Not a pawn, a Queen.. I am contemplating my  next move in this fashion word of Second Life..Making it through one move at a time (looks around at the competition)…..Check mate!! …Hope you enjoy

Outfit-Pipins Adamine , Boots Miamai Mother of Queer, Lashes Glow, Hairbase VCD


Hairbase VCD, Lashes Glow, Earrings FINESMITH, Makeup - African Summer, lips-VOID


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