Today i really had a “AHA” moment.. it was much more then fashion , although fashion is a part of my everyday life RL/SL. But when you have a chance to self evaluate its always a reflection of some new  insight. It could be new designs or new shoes but its still insight. I am on vacation in Egypt in SL. I quest to find my inner being. I always joke about “channeling Isis”. Not that I want a sayence with a Egyptian god from the past but basically I want to challenge myself to find myself. A desperate quest for some un answered questions..like – “where do I go from here?”, and “who am I”. I guess I am coming of age. I get excited and i am desperate to know now, my goals, specifically-I had a epiphany…To be continued

This shot was taken while deep meditation in the tomb of Nekhebet in Second Life- Destination Guide- Searching for Isis

Ground breaking Moment in Sahara del Egypt and yes i got a Tan


The ground quivers as i romance with the idea of dancing with the gods of old worlds, smells of old smells, sights of ruins of Old.. and i ask “What does this have to do with me?”.. *looks up as she waits for an answer*- She is for certain shook..but her destiny awaits her..


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