Greek God Captures….

I awaken suddenly in the arms of a beast. Cold bubbly fills my hands my glass is pink champagne (Nuvo really). The air is red and it is not quite clear how i arrived here. I see gypsies afar and this beast is near. Some sort of Festival of Sin is going on. I am on Hoe Lane and i see nothing but flashing signs of “girls, girls, girls”. But not quite coherent I check my surroundings. This room is dark and seductive, erotic and mysterious. The  Epoch Beast begins to talk, “hey come here often?” I look at him and his muscles and his sunkissed skin and his beast eyes they shoot rays in every direction. They sparkle. No longer in fear, I speak. ” I dont know how i got here. I come from a far distance i don’t know i was just in Egypt”. He laughs. I look confused. He hands me a map and points to the west. The map is showing me a picture of Iberia. And in the distance I see a gypsy finger motioning me to come…What is happening?

on the Epoch Beast

*dg* Beast Coat
*X*plosion HairBase Tattoo (Black1)
+Rozoregalia+*Gemma*Earrings D
CheerNo Hair Marlon
CheerNo Makeup4
Mandala Sinra2 Male Samurai
Balaclava!! Beast Long Gloves
Balaclava!! Beast Masquerade Mask
Hoe – Crow Pants

on her

Maitreya Dress-MCEHT DRESS- MESH- Epoch Fair ( amazing)
Aesthetic Value WOoden- Finesmith
Sys- tatoo lilith (Festival of Sin)
hair boon-YNO421
Nails: Mandala-Milky way w/wings- gold/sun

Skin: Exodi- Sylvan Vivante Festival of Sin



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