Saved by the Tee*fy Beast

Running faster and faster jumping over hurdles and not looking back I continue to try and escape form this rolling devil chasing me through sand dunes. Leaps and bounds I find safety behind the rock of rushing water. Sounds of crickets and firefly dusts capture my conciousness as I notice the Tee*fy Beast striking her bow and arrow in my direction. I don’t know what I have done to deserve such a combat. I hide. Keeping my eyes closed. The bow strikes something. But I am still breathing. I open one eye to gain view of what has happened. I see the Tee*fy Beast has killed the crouching stumbling horned demon that was chasing after me. *Sighs* in relief. Still not trusting, the Savior beast offers her hand to help me up out of the bushes. Reluctantly I extend hand in her direction. She saves me and motions me to continue my journey


Skin- [sys] Inuyt dual (pale)
Turban – Tee*fy EPoch Legend Faux Fur Turban
Bow& arrow- Tee*fy Epoch Legend HUnt the Beast
Outfit- Tee*fy Epoch LEgend Unleash the beast Belted Body Suit
Epoch Legend Event at Cheesecake sim


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