Best Designers Exile BDE

My first stop was in a marketplace full of color.This stop was much needed. Here i found many items i will need along the way. The Best Designers Exile (BDE is where u can find many items 30-80Ls from top designers in SL Your map can be found here- i found these 2 cute sweaters from Yulicie. I will need them for the Saharan nights. These sweaters have a hood that if pulled over it has little mouse ears..I feel so cozy in this MMM maybe I will sleep well tonight

Cute Sweater from white pink from Yulicie from BDE

Earrings- NHA! Meredith/Earring Necklace set

Finemith Nails Giuls MVW ( WomensStuff Hunt)

Jeans Cashmere&Keane Blow Jeans Grey[y] cute sweater black/white from Yulicie

Ring- Chop Zuey- Snowflake ring


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