EPOCH in SERENGHETII..Crouching Tiger (LWL)!

During my travels in the Virtual Africa in SL sim i decided to make a pit stop for a photoshoot like Tyra Banks. What do I do? Come up with quick styling for the occasion of course! Swept across the sahara and deep in the Nile i find this lovely place. It could be Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt or maybe its Madagascar. Where ever it is – I’ll leave that up to your imagination. This outfit by LWL (Ladies Who Lunch) is dynamic. Not only is it Mesh but its filled with vibrant colors and wild abstracts. Featured here is Zoology Haute Pack- Tiger from the Epoch Beast Event. It was really fun doing this picture among the SL virtual Africa Sunset. I went with Short cropped hair from LikeLi hairbase, Skin from Glam Affair-Gio Dark- Arancio, Sunglasses, Jackie-O from Glow, Donna Flora Krystabel Set in Pink brought out the lighter pastel tones in this ensemble. Hope you enjoy! – Isis

Crouching Tiger


One of Nature


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