CountDown to the Best..

New Release by AntoniaXP much awaited Releases from Countdown In stores NOW! These hot new pieces are just a small taste of whats in the Countdown store. Im wearing Single Ladies IV with a head piece from Griddle here and jewelry from Chop Zuey and Finesmith to complete the look. Check out lipstick with teeth from Shakeup! Ads a bit of goth flavouring to this salt & pepa atmosphere in this photo.  Also, Antonia has out now new avante garde outfits The next picture is me wearing Elixir. This piece cries ” Who let the birds out?!?!” its Haute in hurr!

Need LaBelle Fans- This is also from Countdown, Burlesque Fans Give u the Oui!! Ohhh Lala Tres Chic effect to this already haute ensemble, Cry me a river I want everything!!

Outfit Single Ladies- Countdown

You can achieve this look by adding the headpiece form Griddle If you wanna style over the top this piece is called Medusa ( I love all my greek goddesses Isis).

You Need Elixir- Countdown

If your in a field you mind as well feed the birds. Giving back to nature is only our duty on earth. Lets keep it the way God intended. This Elixir Outfit carries alot of weight but my avatar is balanced perfectly with BIG Hair! Yesss.. You cant miss the collar on this outfit. Its amusing and fun I love the studded white tones across this whole outfit. Go and see the entire Single Ladies Collection at Countdown to get the full effect. The ensemble is also available for men and women . So if you a MAN and u love to rock some Avante garde or haute couture pieces head over to CountDown too – I’m Just Saying! – ty,Isis Sabahi

This video showcases some of the pieces from COUNTDOWN as we (iNWorld Inc. Models) performed it at the Akeruka SKin Italian Mall Grand Opening party, Also Gizza is on the sim as well so you know its gonna be packed over there…


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