Circus Freaks

The Epoch event had so many amazing parts to it i almost forgot the circus. The Secret Store outfit-Circus Vanilla is sexy and vibrant. I love the mesh mix with various textures. I coupled the look a tad different mixing it with a hat from the Mad Hattery. I love this store too because you can find an array of top hats. Everyone knows i love a hat or head piece to complete a styling and add range to an outfit. I want your eyes all over me. I found this Circus Freak Sim which actually offers shows on Fridays 8pm SLT. My love for makeup continues with SHAKEUP! makeup ..Its a must have. You can find Shakeup! here

Circus Freaks


Shakeup Makeup Great for St.Patty's Day

Top hat- The Mad Hattery Pink Roses and Filigree Hat
Hair-[Shag] Puddy Galore
Necklace- Finesmith Glance
Outfit- The Secret Store- Circus Vanilla
Make UP-Shakeup!- Bright Matt Lipstick-Chartreuse and Dolce EyeMakeup [05]
Nails- Mandala- Milky Way Rings and Nails/Atlantis Blue
Shoes- “Gia” Heels with 18 sock options in red
::Hysterical:: Wing Nails Magenta from BDE
ty, Isis Sabahi




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