ShakeUP MakeUp Cosmetiques! To fit Your Face

You ladies know you love to be dazzled with cosmetics. We love Mac, Clinicque, Estee Lauder and Mineral Essentials. Well SL has these versions of makeup for your avatar too. Shakeup! has a cosmetic line full of colors ranging from Dark, Matte, Gloss, Warms, Lights, and Nuetrals all for your particular color pallette. Depending on your face skin and hair color, you can choose from these lovely spring and summer winter fall colors to fit any outfit and any skin tone. If your a seasoned skin addict like myself, you already know you need a skin base from your favorite skin store first before adding these 2.0 layers. For today’s blog I used numerous variations of Shakeup Makeup in combinations of eyeshadows and lipstick layers that can easily been worn seperately. But because I  love to do my face I chose to use Dolce Eyeshadows and Sasha Lipstick which comes with or without Teeth versions. In the next look duo i wear Dolce Eyeshadow pack #4 very vibrant with Juicy Lipstick in Camelot. There is also teeth variations for Juicy Lipsticks as well in so many colors i couldnt really choose. They vary in color range from Oracle, hemlock, Wasabi, mojo, Lime and more. All with or without teeth layers in the pack..Your Taxi to Shake up

Eyelashes are Miamai- System Mesh eyelashes Gift

#1Wasabi w/teeth from Shapeup Lipstick and #2JuicyPeach Lipstick

My Look of today is Styled in Animal Print

JE Republic Zebra Dress

Rehana Necklace -Black from Finesmith

Earrings from Mandala – Senjyu Earrings- Africa

Belt from ~Pepper~ Ornament Belt in Black- @ BDE

Bracelelt from Mandala Lotus chain – Black

Lipstick-Juicy- Contessa from Shakeup!

Eyeshadow Dolce Eyshadow from Shakeup!

Enjoy! Ty Isis Sabahi


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