Roof Top Head Banger Couture!

I had a shopping spree at Chantkare today so many new things has arrived. I had to have this hat!!! in all the colors LMAO! Well, todays Styling comes from this seasons idea of Mardi Gras and Festivals. Especially Brazil, Trinidad, and Dominican Republic (RD, Republica D0minicana)my home town La Vega celebrates a Festival Called Diablo. This is time to celebrate freedoms and emancipations and just jubilee! So why not become a Mask dancer. Stilts, high walking, full of ruffles and tumbling down the street or sand w/e your imagination takes you. Back in the Sim i love Derier. Its like a muse for me. And Finesmith has a group gift called Shukran meaning thank you:) I want to say Thank You as well to all my friends who have helped me and supported me through everything this past couple of days. I couldnt have done it without my close friends in Second Life! Ty Isis Sabahi

Young Wild & free

Dark sun

Diram Lady Gaga Marry to the Night 2 pants
Glow studio fancy eylashes
hat- Chantkare- Black Bloom Hat Resort
D*L PLastic CowGirl Boots Maple Lush Limited store
LWL pleasted top
Finesmith Shukran – March Susbscribers gift
H&S Swirls Bracelets Gold (retired)
Shakeup! Lipstick- Juicy Diesel With Teeth
Nails- Mandala – Milky Way Sun/Gold

Pose- Corpus


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