Fashion for Life!

This is such a memorable occasion for me being able to witness Fashion For Life. Fashion For Life is running from March 10-20th so u have one more day to get in and really see and donate to this charitable even which brings Cancer Awareness.  Even though the event has been going on annually and is in its sixth season, this is my first time participating as a charitable donor and observer of all the events. This weekend has a variety of fashion shows including Shiki and Esteemed. I also found out that Amaretto Breedable Horses had a horse auction donating all its proceeds to benefit American Cancer Society and benefit the residents of Second Life to make them aware of this deadly epidemic. But also it brings together survivors and the “I will Survive!” statement is You having the Will to survive and as a community We can! My contribution to this lovely event is being able to share my experience in it with you. I recently changed my avatar’s appearance and with that motivation I looked to turn to Harper Beresford’s Blog because it and the skin addiction group often has advice on great skins etc. So jokingly I say’ “Hey Harper..You are a little behind on your blog”. She laughed at me. But I wanted to bring a smile to her face because she has really done alot of hard work as well as all the designers, builders, and marketers for this event is huge- Relay for Life.  And it cannot be closed without saying a great Thank You to Dream Seekers. 10 Sims in Second Life dedicated to Fashion for Life. This is personal to me because my first land i purchased in SL was from Dream Seekers (DSE) with Shameless Emerald. She was so helpful and I havent seen her inworld in a while. Hope she is doing ok. I lived on so many sims with DSE, I know Cella Core is so great as well.  I’m at awe to how I am seeing everything in full circle. I remember when there was a town hall meeting not too long ago discussing the future of DSE and Wow! Look..

Today’s styling comes from Ala Folie and Finesmith. Its so funny because I matched this Finesmith jewelry with this Alafolie gown and the Bracelet in the Alafolie gown Matches the Finesmith perfectly you would have thought it came with this 8 piece set. I hope you really enjoy it and lets relay for life at Fashion for Life. Taxi Below..Tysm Isis Sabahi (Happy Living!)

Finesmith Organics Brown Leather & Wood
ala folie dream Seeker Zeit

Hair- Dura- boy **13

Necklace/Earrings/Rings- Finesmith Organics Brown Leather & Wood

Gown/Dress- Alafolie- Domino- Rouge includes bracelet and shoes (FFL- Fashion For Life)

Pose- Corpus


2 thoughts on “Fashion for Life!

  1. Super post, and informative, I think that the FFl and the RFL events are amazing its wonderful that so many people put their time and effort into this cause.
    super captures btw ,:)

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