Class Sick Style!

If you have ever seen something you really liked like a kid in a candy store you have no idea which candy to choose. Thats How i felt when I went to the store Loovus Dzevavor I had been in anticipation for this store released some hottest Haut’ess! Hair Styles in Second Life I have ever seen. So I had to get in there fast. Its like when you go to 5th Avenue u window shop maybe u cannot get in the store security. LOL. I fought my way in and grabbed some newest styles on the grid. Not only this hair but to compliment the angles in styling its important to have a outfit that will equally match the weight of this hair. So I looked in my closet and grabbed this Vanguard Dress. Its New! Wooo! And my LOTD is HAUTE’NESS and CLASS SICK STLYLISH! Besos:)

Isis Sabahi

My Look of The Day:

Dress: Vangard- My Fair Lady

Shoes- Vanguard McQueen bones Shoes in Beige-
Hair- [[LooVus Dzevavor]]- Twisted Sister Godiva Tones
Jewelry Chop Zuey – Poetry in Motion
Lipstick- Shakeup!-Bright Matt Lipstick in Gamboge- Pout color
Nails- Leverocci- Mesh Nails that FIT
Pose: corpus
Place in SL called Dernier Lamento sim

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