Beautifully designed gowns takes me in awe once again, dine fine wine and champagne hit the town running in the red carpet she gasps for air and is blown away by the stunning essence of herself in COUNTDOWN!  5 4 3 2 1….You!

Hair- BoonLYU 038
CountDown Panoply Green
Ring- Nemesis
Earrings-PLaycubes burnt Orange
Necklace Finesmith – Here Comes the sun- Turquoise green
Lipstick- SHAKEUP!- Bright Matte Scarlett W/ teeth
You can play this gown up or down make it ethnic or mainstream it has that vibrant lime thats so divine add some peacock feathers or wear with or without the fur.
Dress- Countdown – Polly red
Hair – Boon- MYY 595- Chestnut
Finesmith Earrings- CHANT Petalite
Make up- SHAKEUP! Bright Matt- Chocolate lipstick , Eyeshadow Loute Pack3a
ty, Isis Sabahi for Countdown!

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